Sunday, April 9, 2017

Springloaded, Coppelia and a Reemergence

Our Year of the Villagers

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Friday, August 15, 2014


Shoot!  this is terrible.  but cute...
 - when the little lady flew down stairs bare-bottom grasping for the pink balloon daddy carried through the door, i prayed for just one clear shot.
 Hello world!  here's two!
   bobo says "precocious ( = bold, advanced, bright, cheeky, nervy, sassy)." - it fits.
you are indeed precocious.
   you are also vibrant, animated, funny, happy, & sometimes the reverse.  expressive - yes.  with precise delivery you leave little to the imagination.  we know your moods, and answer "how high?" when you say, "jump!".
   your cuteness demands our attention, and i'm certain you too will radiate your brother, or "dude's," charm.
   i love hearing you talk. "I of you," is a current favorite.  others are ("sis sis, duuu/ewar ( = dude/ edward), momma are you?, snaaa (snack), pooty poo, no)
   you laugh!  and, you love to hear yourself laugh.  we love to hear you laugh.  it's infectious.
   you're stubborn and fiercely independent.  this morning we were 45 minutes late to school because you were determined you would poo poo on the potty sans child potty seat.  it didn't happen, as i aborted this milestone, but i've little doubt you will accomplish this goal soon.
   it's all about mimicking sis sis and edward.  you see yourself as their equal.  adorable, though cause for anxiety when you enter the teenage years.  in the moment, however, it's a favorite passage of time - so much fun to watch.
   a perfect pairing  

lyda, we adore you.
keep illuminating our lives with that precious smile and your unique self.
i should have just titled this 'lyda,' and left it at that.  no words - just photos and the title, "lyda."
your name - it's all the traits mentioned above compacted in a name.
"lyda."  it just fits...
Happy Birthday You!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Florida in June

Edward's actual birthday

 He's five!!!

no way to know how the story will unfold, but currently these two are a mess!
an entertaining mess

five years