Thursday, September 23, 2010

Headed South

During the month of September our family headed South.  There was discussion - should we vacation at the Cape (2 hour drive maybe?), but with little deliberation we opted to fly to 'our home away from home,' Destin.  Great choice!  For about the same price, we were afforded the simple "luxury" of familiarity.  For one week we had white sand, a George, humidity, our condo, La Paz, and other norms alien to the Northeast.  It was a fantastic week and exactly what our family needed, for we returned home fully recharged for a Boston Fall.
In Route with Young Edward
I include this synopsis & horrid picture of myself only because I still fail in getting others to believe just how "fun" traveling with Little Man can be.  I adore him, but air travel is not Edward's gift.  Even Jeff doubts Edward's failings in the air, for when we flew to Destin the plane was near empty and Edward had full access to roam about the cabin.  Now, when does that ever happen? 
"What, am I trying your nerves?"

We had a layover in none other than Memphis, and Bobo just happened to be flying out the same day one hour later.  A needed glass of wine, lunch, and time with Bobo shared before heading further South.
An ecstatic Langston and her Bobo

Well, here we are! 
So much fun with the big orange ball!
a photo added for no reason other than I love your eyes
Peek a Boo
I take hundreds of pictures and can't whittle them down.  You've no idea how I struggle with indecision.
'sorry, didn't mean to interrupt'
There's a smile
Playground fun

Sweet Times

Our Photographer
 "Now that's a good picture"


Friday, September 10, 2010

A Trip to Newburyport, September 2010

The kids and I returned home from Memphis on Saturday, and on Sunday our Family headed to Newburyport, MA.  Charming, quaint, picturesque, and with a Labor Day Street Festival to boot - This was exactly what we needed to mend our "missing Memphis" blues.

Time to relax after air travel yesterday
a blue-eyed angel
I've found it imperative to find a playground in every town visited.
This is what matters to a child

Ah, the fascination of a Street-Colonist Umbrella Man at the Fair...
This was Langston's favorite activity of the day

and, from the look on her face - the activity was well worth it!
even Young Edward got balloon art