Monday, October 7, 2013

Back to Boston

A friend asked if I had given up blogging.
well no.  haven't given up.  
just completely overwhelmed with a vacation a year overdue and a multitude of photos which need to be placed in a book, not a post.  problems could be worse, i suppose...  
the trip was amazing.  
 - good for the soul - our souls.  
and fun to introduce this little lady to the "happy place" our family lived for a year

Boston MA
We Return (Finally!)
first, a return to the old 'hood.'  as we always said we would, we stayed at the one hotel in charlestown, the marriot.  what a great idea.  a boat ride across the harbor, a walk home through the northend, a trip to bunker hill, meeting nim at the playground, all followed by drinks and dinner with nim and the markeys at an old favorite, the warren tavern.   great first day!
Charlestown, MA - our Boston home
27 High Street

a wonderful school

favorite neighborhood eats

 beautiful people and blessings in our lives

neighborhood parks

recharging our souls

some need the beach, the mountains, disney?...  whatever it is, everyone's got something that recharges their joy, enthusiasm, security - the 'happy place' it's special returning to.     
i love the mountains, i do - but, upon descent into boston logan, i was giddy.  feeling my own elation, i glanced to jeff out of curiosity.  our reactions were in sync - pure joy.  it's a beautiful thing flying into boston with the harbor & east boston below.

two days full of activity

day 2 in boston  - 
a wonderful run, lunch at sorrelles, quincy market, the T, public gardens, boston commons, walking everywhere, the children's museum, followed by dinner with friends & drinks on their patio (which happens to be the patio of the house where much of 'the town' was filmed)

To the children's museum...

back on the T

she likes this place - i promise. 
she just doesn't want to leave

and on to nantucket...
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