Sunday, December 15, 2013

flying through the rest of the summer

because it is december

 - celebrating Edward's birthday with the family

  - splash pad at the fores
the big '1'
  - Jerry's snow cones
everybody pile in!
  - lyda in the dishwasher
why not?

playing in our swimsuits
 - because it's probably 105

 - best buds
  - dr. visits
 become chaotic

  - celebrating lyda
happy birthday little lady!

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Proper Party

I am terrible with birthdays.  Some mothers excel here, but i fail every time.  If our children get a party, this is a tremendous fortune.  I have great intentions though they just sneak up, and I can never get ahead of them.  They're here, they're gone, and another year passes void proper celebration.  I sound dramatic, but mind you - one shouldn't feel too sorry for the Scrugham kids.  Each birthday they are properly doted upon, presents are received, and cake is enjoyed - it's the party aspect of it all which is lacking.
I vow to do better!  I will do better!
Poor Edward has suffered the most from my failures in celebratory execution, and this year was no different.
HOWEVER!!!  We have gracious and beautiful friends who threw our little guy a surprise, 'proper,' party with cake, friends, presents, and all!
Thank you Dunns!!!  You have no idea how grateful we are and what it meant to our little guy.  I love looking at his joy in the pictures!

Very fitting to celebrate Edward's fourth birthday where we celebrated his first - Boston, MA
 and the dunns...  what a precious blessing we found in this family.  our favorite boston find!!!  and their girls - stunning!!!
 i went a little crazy taking pictures of our babies
eloise and lyda


'our' utopian' island

again - everyone has their place, their "special place," that elicits this giddy joy which we all need.  god loves our laughter, our smiles, our 'giddy' selves, and i believe he creates the spots we love to give us glimpses into what's to come. 

nantucket -
no, not for everyone
 - unless you have a ton of cash to rent a home for the week on the atlantic, you will not enjoy a waterfront view.  this could be a hang up for some, but i am quite content living in a charming cottage in the center of an idyllic, utopian town for the week.  and, 'sweet pea,' a favored nickname for our first born - could it be more perfect???  it just fits.

Chilly day on the island

edward renames the "cockentail"
there's nothing warm about that water 

Favorite spot - the Cisco Brewery

Who's 4???

ramsey and langston
friends from charlestown

of 1000s of pictures i think i got it!  
great trip with wonderful memories.  
ready to return...