Wednesday, July 17, 2013

july 11

july 11 came and went despite my feverish attempts to ignore my baby would indeed become a 1 yr. old.

typical conversation amongst jeff, myself & many a stranger over the past several months...
stranger "how old?"
jeff "one year"
me "NO, NO NO.  not a year.  10 months, 11 months, 11 months & 29 days.  Not a year!  not yet.  not close.  not a year!!!"

now angel, you are a year and what a beautiful year it has been.  we cherish every moment and memory.
lyda, i love your laugh, your smile, your persistence, your bravery, how you enjoy attention, your self confidence (yes, i want to be held - by you - right now.  pick me up!).
i love your joy, i love your tears,  i love that crazy headband atop that beautiful bald head, i love how you sleep with your nose nuzzled in the pink bunny & your feet crossed at the ankles, i love that you're my 'chow hound,' and the way your face beams when you see your family.
i love to kiss your sweet head, i love feeding you, i love watching you sleep & watching you wake.  i love the soft noises you make as you chat away & that you love to engage with others.  an extrovert?  in our family?  i love when you say 'momma,' 'dadda,' for these are the two words you've mastered.
i love every ounce of your precious self.

you are a doll.  a beautiful, porcelain doll.  thank you God for this special year.
we adore you!  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Dude Hits 4

hey you!
you had me at first sight.


  - the ultrasound i cried because you were a boy.

  - i saw you for the first time and i cried because intuition hinted that for you i would fall hard.

mother's intuition didn't fail.

truth is, i am smitten.

you're cute, and you know it.  
this will be trouble, i have no doubt.  
though a little pride mixed with your sensitive, caring, at times soft spirit makes for a beautiful little man.
You're often crazy!  "Raaaaaa!!!!"  ready to go & take life on
 - a zestful energy -
though you have this sweet disposition - 
quiet, reserved, timid, shy, 
a precious reverence for your older sister and a proud adoration for your younger one.
there is no telling what the future holds for you.
a genius, an athlete, the class clown???
i'm thinking a runner, shy around the ladies, and a tad mischievous in the classroom; but, who knows???
each year will give us a little more insight
into each of your enchanting sides.
the first four have been fun.
 - you're an entertaining little guy to figure out!
"Who's four?"

those eyes - they captivate
happy 4th birthday little dude
We love you so so much