Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finding "Our Owns"

In Memphis we had "our owns."   "Our own" vet, salon, prefered grocery, playground, school, groomer, etc...  Here in Boston I have been on the incessant search of "our owns" and now understand what I took for granted two months ago. 

Examples in our quest:::
    Bad hair + I can't pull it up 
    We did find a beach though
    Crane Beach, July 2010
  1. Search for the salon - A lot of money spent to discover a very real fact - I have bad hair!  This is not a big deal, and I am 100% okay with this; however, it would have been nice to realize this truth prior to the hundreds of dollars spent at Boston's hair mecca, Newbury Street. 
  2. Langston's salon - This experience was easy & cute.  Salon found!
  3. Vet - We begin this day with a 6am run.  I take McTavish out before my jog & find blood in her stool.  Yuck!  The Family resumes morning activities until vets open for the day when we may begin our search.  After many a "we are not accepting new patients," we find Union Street Vet Clinic & score an appointment at 2pm.  I decide to take the kids to the Science Museum in our lull time.  (Always room for an activity provided there are no hiccups)  Well, our activity does not run sans hiccups, and Young Edward has his first bout with the stomach bug.  Most moms would take this opportunity to retreat & exit with family.  Stubborn me, however, reasons we WILL see at least something while here.  I strip Edward's soiled clothing, wipe him up a bit, and Langston enjoys her packed lunch.  We buy our little guy a museum t-shirt to wear and head off to explore.  Time to go!  We run home, grab McTavish, head to our new vet, reach the vet just in time, drive in search for parking for 20 minutes unsuccessfully, and finally opt to park in violation of the Somerville Parking Squadron.  I put Edward in the baby Bjourn, get Langston out, put McTavish on her leash, get her out, & lock the car only to hear Somerville's finest behind me, "Mamm, you can't park there.  Gotta move."  Me - "Really.?"  (Sick dog, ordeal involved in unpacking the family, and I can't park here?)  "How much will a ticket cost if I park here?"  Officer - "$50."  Me - "Fine, I'll take the ticket."  Officer - "NO, YOU CAN'T PARK HERE."  Why I succumbed and hauled all children & dog back into the car to the 'tow away' lot next door I don't know????  At the end of the day we had a clean bill of health for McTavish (hallelujah), a $400 vet fee, a tired family, and i think a new vet - and a Scottish one at that!
  4. School - we have found a school for Langston!  Such a blessing!
  5. Grocery - We have a Whole Foods, and this is all that matters.
  6. Playground - great neighborhood playgrounds with free riding toys to use (that don't get stolen - ever)
  7. We'll miss you this week Mc!
  8. Today we found a dog kennel - i think????  We left McTavish to be transported to New Hampshire with the doggy day care owner for the weekend.  This is 'kenneling' your dog in Boston I suppose?  
  9. "Our own" mode of transportation:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boston, an End or a Beginning?

June 28th, one day before our Little Man would reach the one year mark, the Scrughams headed to Boston.  Jeff alongside McTavish had begun his trek two days prior by car.  Bebe, Langston, Edward, and myself would journey by air.  What an event!  The air travel alone with young Edward was experience enough, let alone landing in a city we knew nothing of.  Our home, seen only through pictures, the neighborhood, the locals, everything - it was all a mystery. 
An "End":::  On July 1st Jeff would begin his final year of medical training at Boston Children's Hospital.  I can not believe we are here - the "final year of training."  This is a difficult reality to grasp.  With undergrad beginning in 1995, Medical School in 2000, Residency in 2005, and Fellowship in 2010 - this journey is almost complete! 
A "Beginning":::  Following one year at Children's in Pediatric Radiology Jeffrey (16 years post our first year at UT Knoxville) will be trained and ready to embark on a medical career with family in tow.

This is an exciting and surreal time for our family.
So... Let the year begin, the training end, and most importantly let the experiences in Boston mark a memorable and joyful time for our family!
Edward's favorite spot in the new apartment!
Happy Birthday Little Man!!!