Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a little determination

At 9 Months...
we saw a new lyda when she conquered sitting up.  i suppose with so many around, she too wanted inclusion which is tough to get when lying on the floor.  sitting up brought us into her life.  she could engage, keep an eye on her brother and sister, participate.

all was good - for a moment.
then a new discovery - there's more.  i can move!
so, onto phase two.  crawling.
at the start of month 9, she was straddling the fence - right on the verge of making that first move.  she had crawling, kind of...  just what to do with that leg?  now, two weeks in lyda's got it down.  her crawl is 'lyda specific,' moving with one knee while dragging the other leg along, but it gets her from point a to b.  
i have never child proofed anything before, but with lyda this is a necessary step.
 - as she incessantly heads for the dog bowl, and i repeatedly carry her away far across the kitchen.  here she comes again.
a determined little lady
give me that rattle!

that's what i wanted

happy girl

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snowmass, CO

So...  skiing is a love of mine and a Langston family experience I am thankful for each year we take the trip.  Dad had my brother and I on the slopes at 6 ish, and with the exception of mom (who never took to the love of the sport) our family has enjoyed an annual week of ski bonding since i can remember, missing few a Spring Break week.
i begin with this because it is a tradition, if finances and eager participant permit, i would love to continue with both scrughams & langstons.  It will be glorious if our kids 5, 10, and 30 years from now are helping to plan their vacations with jeff and me.  wishful thinking on many levels?  maybe.

my skiers
as i hope for "eager participant," my focus is on this little guy.  Edward had two successful days of ski school this year, but this was the extent.  he seemed to enjoy both days at days' end, but each was not entered into without resistance.  He vows he will NOT SKI AGAIN!
it didn't help matters that his cousin, or his biggest partner in crime, successfully avoided ski school at all costs.  "will doesn't go!  I won't go!"
well, we'll revisit this next year buddy.  You're going to be just fine - in ski school.
plus, can't you just eat the little guy up in his ski gear!!!

edward at the denver museum of science with 'wolverines'

now this lady loves skiing
she surprises me every year.  no fear!
speedy, daring, never complains
is she my relation?:)
i am no coach.  i'm terrible at getting us both up mid slope with skis parellel to the slope side.
all day langston, with her turned over giggle box, laughed and laughed.  she was giddy.  all day giddy!
even with my ineptitude the day was pretty much perfect in Langston's eyes.
i'm so proud of my bug.   

proud daddy on the gondola

dad and his colorado friends
Lyda's 8 Months!

i love our crew, and we had a great trip but it was a little sad with no bebe this year.  altitude sickness wears on her more than the rest of us, and living a top a mountain isn't her ideal destination.  we were definitely a little lonely.  dad was beside himself and spent a lot of time in his 'man cave.'  i think the kids sans mom were a bit intimidating.  understandable.  we're a rowdy crew at times.
mom was definitely missed, and a vacation to somewhere warm & 'lower' is certainly due