Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Stab at "Call Me Maybe"

  1. this isn't a provocative dance video.  langston has simply lost all but 2 buttons on her nightgown.   i've never sewn them back on.  And her choreography - where did this come from?  these two have rhythm.   
  2. edward is at it again - he's probably not that funny.  it's probably just me being his mom - but i think he's hilarious.  he's such a ham.  i love it!  can't get enough...
Turn it up!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Three Years

My Baby is Three

With the coming events in the weeks ahead, it only seemed fitting that you should receive a wonderful birthday / birth week.  I love you buddy, and though baby sister is soon to arrive you are and will always be my little man & my baby.  

this little charmer captures me
i can't get enough of his smile, personality, zeal, spunk, love of attention, impish mannerisms, 
hugs, kisses, energy, his grumpy self when he wakes
 - the whole package - 
you are my precious bud
i love you edward!!!