Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Year's End and a Bevy of Emotions

(this is a post winding up a 'year of langston.' edward, you are not forgotten & we've snapped photos here & there - but a jk year earns a solo post)

The year's end brings the culmination of every activity your child has been working towards over the course of 9 or so months. It marks the successes, the completions, and the passage of yet another year gone by.
with this, i at least, experience emotion upon emotion. emotions charged quite possibly by hormones involved with pregnancy, but emotions true nonetheless. i'm proud of the accomplishments, i love witnessing the outcome of all she's been working at, but also i grieve over the reality of an amazing year gone by. last year i put an 'ad' in the good shepherd school's (langston's pre k) spring auction brochure. in it i wrote...  "We are forever grateful & hope to find a school equal to The Good Shepherd in Memphis.  This will certainly be a tall order!"  
well, we continue to be forever grateful for a wonderful year at the good shepherd school, but i am also thrilled to say that the order was filled & we found this school in memphis. what an incredible year we have had at grace st. lukes. langston's teachers, friends, the 'terrific tiger' experience - it has all been wonderful, and it is extremely tough seeing it come to an end.  
next year - sk! we are excited for i've heard great things, but we will miss ms. jeremie, ms. kate, and the perfect collection of friends that made up this year's terrific tiger class.

August 2011
May 22, 2012

langston's teachers wrote this sweet poem in their final tiger newsletter.  I have yet to read through it without crying...

As this is the last newsletter of the Tiger year,
We wanted to thank you parents so very loud and clear
For sharing Tiger fun, laughter and new friends
Whom we will miss at this semester’s end.
We’ve enjoyed Gregory’s full body hugs and Langston’s sweet smile,
Alex Y’s construction sites and Lanie’s drawing style.
Shelby’s dramatic flair along with Alyssa’s imagination
Are joined in play with Ryan, our class veterinarian.
Henry loves to build and drive the cars around
While Evan at the I pad always can be found.
Alex L. wins the prize for Mr. Congeniality,
Along with “maid” Elaine who keeps the room so very clean and tidy.
Martha Shannon loves to cook, dress up and go high up on the swing,
Then comes Owens whose reading skill is simply amazing!
Sara Kate and Madison may end up as stylists of hair
They shampoo, brush, and blow dry and make quite a pair!
We’ve seen Samuel’s growing confidence and dear compassionate heart
And the detail and talent Evie applies to handwriting and art.
It’s hard to say goodbye to this year of JK
But we know that your Tigers will have fun and love Senior K

For us this year's end marked the conclusion of a year of art training under the tutelage of Mrs. Duberstein, another year of ballet, and an amazing year in Junior Kindergarten as a Terrific Tiger.

samuel (and langston's first self-professed love)
the feelings have faded over the course of a year as young love is fickle
but who knows?:)

The Ballet Recital

langston and evie

we did it!!!!

we performed, 
no tears, 
a smile at the end...
a success!

and the final day of school
a perfect end to a perfect year!

here's to a great one!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May, already?

30 weeks
10 weeks left
goodness, time passes quickly
oddly (but not too surprisingly) i don't think i'm prepared for july 18th.  yes, i'm excited about the baby and the end to this ridiculous state of pregnancy - but the anxiety!  i'm a little nervous.  3?  what were we thinking?

fortunately this time around i have in my corner enough self-awareness to take hold of reality - my worries are always (not often) for naught.

with langston, i worried i wasn't ready for children.  did i even like kids?

a wasted fret - that's all that was.

i could love my children no more.  now i get dad's label used for edward and me growing up.  "world's greatest kids."  sure, any mom would object to this classification because their kids are indeed the  greatest, but in my world - edward and langston rise to the top of the charts.  they are my loves.

and, with edward.  really?  must we return to the days where dread (yes, dread) filled me over the thought of having a boy.

again, a ridiculous notion.  i'm putty in my little guy's hands.

so, with this said...  i'm not too concerned about worries over our third child.

BUT...  i am a little anxious by the (all too) swift passage of time.  The 18th of July marks the coming of a precious sister, but it also carries with it the reality - edward will be 3, & langston will be approaching 6.
sad...  i' don't want edward to be 3 & langston 6 in october.
2 and 5 are plenty old enough!

Favorite moments as of late...
honestly i'm exhausted come 5 o'clock (really 2:30), SO it is bliss when jeff comes home & captures the children for play in the front yard.

sweet sweet times...