Monday, February 24, 2014


cantamos americanos


a trip to knoxville

 go vols!

and jackson 

then to little rock for 'Pink' 

because that's what you do when you're old and 'fun'

the Grizz 

school photos 

memphis novembers are incredible!

 and the nut remix

Sunday, February 23, 2014

christmas card tryouts

 - well, it seems like tryouts when trying to get the perfect card - (or present the perfect image).  though i learned this year, through much error, perfect is quite the stretch.  in our home, decent is the goal.

love this?
edward's expression.
lyda looks ill.
maybe this?  
bunched too tight
langston's smile?
hair looks dirty
not it.
not sure why
they're strangling lyda
 are we done?

and the winner...
by default
we're tired, and can't continue
done, and we're out!

all for the perfect card, and in review of my card behavior - yuck!
friends, do not let me do this next year!


a minion, dorothy, a power ranger, and a geisha girl?  maybe not appropriate.  

and that's a wrap.  
see you next year

langston's 7th birthday

popcorn chaos

the boys return

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