Friday, May 31, 2013

Ballet and a Precious Friendship

i don't know what i look forward to more each season?  the anticipated recital at year's end, or the next several months spent with these two precious girls.
oh, mary evelyn and i do exchange the woeful moans every wednesday as one of us on our appointed week heads out with the girls to practice at 4:45 in the evening.  the 'playdate' before is a necessary tool to give the week's driver the energy and umpf to get out the door and make it to practice.  
it's a mutually symbiotic relationship.  we need the other to rally!
BUT...  at recital's end mev and i always look to each other in complete agreement - it was worth every minute, and where can we sign up for next season!
this is what i love.
note evie.  she gravitates for the stage.  huge, radiating smile.  loves every minute in front of the audience.
langston?  not sure?  she claims she enjoys it, and i believe her.  we've just got to break through that focus & get a smile.  she is spot on in most moves.  she's a "serious" dancer.

and the pose

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

for lyda, 10 months is a

a time to...


 to rise up,

 a time to reveal some of that personality,

a diva?

and discover.


it's a time to clap a little,

and enjoy the attention - 

 or not.
'what is wrong with him???'

it's a time for 'us' to savor moments

with you

 who is absolutely precious,

 and a time for you to love and enjoy all that is before you.

we adore you angel!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Easter Photos
decorating the eggs...
i get a little obsessive because while i want so deeply to hone in on some form of martha stewart talent, this is as good as it gets.
but as is typical in our home - happy smiles from the kids.  so, get over yourself me and accept that these precious kids value the joyful moments, not the perfect pastel egg.
and the easter photo...
which led to the domestic dispute.
as soon as i put on makeup & dressed in something without the elastic band i knew an argument was imminent.  just how long could we fend off the inevitable?  it was after church and lunch when my horns began to sprout.  notice there are no family shots.  my fault.  next year.  we'll make it happen!  maybe the week before easter.  too much pressure the day of.

an angry jeff was behind this lens as i was gritting my teeth
no worries - all was well in the scrugham home the day after
the angst that goes into creating the "happy" family shot