Saturday, November 19, 2011

Langston's Birthday and The Wonderful World of Disney

part i...

Sometime around January of last year an unintended (was it?) promise slipped!

Jeff:  "Langston, what do you think about a visit to Disney World on your 5th birthday."

A promise like this can neither be forgotten nor topped.  At that instance,  a weeklong vacation to Disney was fixed in our daughter's mind.  Which week was the only detail left to be made permanent, and as luck would have it Langston's birthday week was free on the calendar.  Now, to make this dream happen...
(not too difficult when you have quite the persistent reminder in the form of a precious girl.  from this point on langston informed all friends, acquaintances, and even strangers that she was indeed 4 when asked and would turn 5 at disney world on her next birthday.  many of these informed where even invited on our trip)

Disney, It's a Wonderful World!

especially for a princess on her birthday!
thanks jeffrey!  you are too too good.  we love you!

favorite moments...

The Pose

The Memorabilia 
Everything Disney

and, not to be outdone
autograph pen and pad
a must!
and mouse ears, of course
(edward would take no part) 

a trip wouldn't be complete without them

Get me AWAY from the characters!
Edward's first and last correspondance with anything in costume

our "in line" edward

to be continued...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Fall

I'm so behind, but really - is this new?  It certainly isn't the first time i started a post with these words.
A five day school week, 1/2 marathon training, an attempt to 'stick with' tennis, home decorating, loving on my babies...
life prevents an "up to date" blog for a lazy person like myself.  

last year i had such time on my hands.  responsibilities were few.  this year i feel i'm diving head first into the lifelong (until college) activity of child "involvment."  don't get me wrong - i like it, but sometimes i feel i'm burning the candle at every end.
And, certainly you will never hear me say i didn't enjoy the long days at home over the past 5 years with my babies either.  those times were priceless and right up my alley.

how i got onto that - no idea?

anyway - i'm behind because we are busy.
eeeek - let me rephrase - "busy for me," and this is saying little b/c i'm lazy lazy.  friends who have 3, 4, and 5 kids sail through these years blogging, participating, engaging, etc. while i seek to maintain focus with only one in school.  trouble!

Fall is...

Football Time in Tennessee

A time for patagonia vests, sweaters, and pink cowboy boots

 and Halloween
with Batman & Tinkerbell

That's my bucket!!!!

sweet 'sis sis' leading little man

i skipped ahead

most importantly in our world - 
Fall is a time for Langston's Birthday, and this year 
- a Disney Birthday.

this  - to come...

until then - Edward will dance us out!