Friday, December 10, 2010

Boston, Meet Ella

Last week our family had the pleasure of entertaining Ella and her family.
Last week Boston had the pleasure of experiencing Ella!
In college I was fortunate to accompany Ella on a trip to New York City.  I would surmise there are those in New York who have yet to forget the quirky, exuberant girl they were exposed to in their everyday, New York routine.  Even Matt Lauer, who Ella stubbornly & quite candidly refused to believe was in fact Matt Lauer, probably still remembers that strange girl he encountered in front of his work place.  I use the word "encounter," because exposure to Ella is a definite "encounter."  
As was our trip to New York, Ella's trip to Boston was such a joy for me.  She had me laughing & without a voice (literally) by the weekend's end.  Our family enjoyed Ella, Virgil, and sweet Anderson so much.  Thank you for a wonderful visit.    
this clip captures Ella to a 'Tee'
it may be a tie - i think langston's love for ella equals virgil's
Ella and Anderson in route 

hat on the donkey - ella's idea
colder here than in Jackson

Edward in the bag
always has something to say...

family photo + langston
langston was enamored by ella
honestly, i think she wanted to switch families

Monday, December 6, 2010

Let the Holidays Begin!

The Friendship Feast
The first glimpse of the Holiday season for our family was the Thanksgiving Celebration at Langston's school.  A five minute concert at the local food bank where sweet Langston munched on a baggie of goldfish as her classmates sang "Alabore, alabore, alabore" followed by the 2nd annual Friendship Feast back at school.  
Sweet times...

Langston, ?, Eleanor, & Sadie
Langston's friend Chloe and her brother Zachory
What's a feast without pizza!
First Cold Day in Boston

Tree Lighting at Faneuil Hall

Thanksgiving with the Carpenters
Beginning with the move here, blessing upon blessing has been bestowed upon our family.  The easy sell of our home and Honda, the fabulous place we found to call home, and Langston's school down the hill - each of these have presented themselves with little to no effort of our own.  Traditionally a worrier, this year has been my lesson of 'much worry for naught!'  Of course, I do have a spouse who worries quite enough for the both of us:)  
With that said, Jeff (especially) was very worried about the kids and I spending Thanksgiving alone, for he was scheduled to work.  He was all set to spend the $800 and fly us home, though I (thinking of many other great ways to spend that money) was sure we could tough it out and go at this holiday alone.  That is until I was presented with the invitation to spend the holidays with friends.  It is amazing because me (the social introvert) had at least a handful of Thanksgiving invitations from various families.  What a glorious act of generosity I hope to share upon return to my world of comfort next year.  Alyson, who I had met through Gwen, offered an invite & we accepted.  Much worry for naught!  
Langston, Edward, and myself had a great time and so enjoyed being with FAMILY for Thanksgiving.  No, not our own, but we were treated as such and it was a very special day.  What a generous gesture and beautiful family.  Thank you so much!  You've no idea what joy your gesture brought!
Alyson and Nicki - could they be cuter!
I'm such a nerd - but, my apple pie was a hit!
It was  eaten - not punched or tossed about in the
food fight shenanigans later that evening:)))
And the Gingerbread House Fiasco
note the duct tape fix
actually, not a fix at all
the blue cups to the right were intended to help hold the house up
not such a fix either
but, langston had fun
isn't that all that matters?


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reason Five - Bunker Hill

Our home here lacks a yard (front or back), but we do have easy access to the Bunker Hill Monument steps away from our front door.  Here we picnic, play, run up and down the hill, ride bikes, & McTavish uses the restroom (all things typically associated with a family and their yard).  Bunker Hill also serves as the end of the famous "Freedom Trail" in Boston, but we may use it as our beginning if we find ourselves inclined to take this two hour foot tour of the city.  This very tour Jeff and I took last Spring, and this sparked my interest in Charlestown - the place in which we now reside.  
Here are some random shots taken one day atop Bunker Hill.
Mom, Please!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another life step... the Spoon

Aside from walking and talking, Edward is determined to succeed at all life tasks before his big sister did at his age.  Plunging head first down the slide, climbing 'anything,' playing with dolls, and now - eating with utensils, he must do exactly what his big sister does!  Very cute, but also very messy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010