Friday, January 25, 2013

6 months

ahhh, blogging...
i like to make my blog as convoluted as possible.

jumping ahead to lyda's six month mark (we'll return to christmas & other past events later)

where we are at month six
lyda, let's see...
most difficult child?  yes.
but, we love you.  you want what you want, and you shall receive.  at this stage you seem to have an intolerance of anything/any feeling that's just a little bit off.
i get it lyda.  you're a little like me (so jeffrey says...).
you're a precious bundle.  you smile a lot, you love attention from us all, you really enjoy edward (or, "our lovable imp's") antics, & you love to be included.  it makes sense.  who really wants to be laying in a swing when a frenzy of fun is just next door.   

'working on' sitting up

a prop helps

lyda really enjoys our little guy
she immediately starts laughing when edward begins his entertaining

the lip
we see it often

the exersaucer
 - langston a fan,
 - edward not so much,
 - and lyda (so far) likes it - usually - for a set time

oh, those tears
it doesn't help that i find them really cute.
of course they do often unnerve me too

not quite but it's fun to try

hey there cutie!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

could mice be so cute

At the beginning of December Langston took to the stage for *three performances of the Nutcracker performed by her ballet company.  After much guff, admittedly from me, the weekend came and went with about 10 minutes or so total of adorable stage time.  
The few weekend and evening practices leading up to this show ticked at my every nerve, but after seeing langston in full costume & watching her scoot, scratch, & prance across stage - this mouse & her performance had my heart.  it was precious, and my previous vow to NEVER commit to this sort of thing again was completely overridden.    

*3 performances = total 8ish minutes (maybe) on stage

i promise our mouse is in the mix

and, they made the commercial appeal!
beautiful friends...

all in all, a weekend well worth it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

and onto thanksgiving


leaves falling, the colors, cooler temps, breaking out a new wardrobe (new to me after a season gone by), boots, my Ugs (wait, where are mine???  MUST buy another pair), the excitement of the coming holidays, soups simmering on the stove, baking (though i don't really do a lot of that), a collection of holiday shows (shows on stage performed by our own & shows on TV - performed by the very clay characters i watched 30 years ago), christmas cards - the first will roll in soon, the tree (must get that next week), family on the way to visit...

Thanksgiving shopping before the family gets in town with all but jeffrey.
did i think clearly about this???
why not a nap in the cart?
it works
a little extra time with friends
oh, i love this picture & i love these girls!!!
more sibling time

and the family arrives!
 just in time for jeff's favorite activity of the year
"jeff's turkey fry"
i'm still a nervous wreck about all that could go wrong w/ a fry - but this year i'm not nauseous.  halleluia!

and this little guy - our cousin andrew - is precious
plus, he's a huge fan of mctavish.  mctavish needs a little extra love (especially these days)

a lot, a lot of kiddos!  but, my kids love seeing their cousins.  (note the smile from the little lady.  pretty cute!)

even if they can't hang for all of the fun

and this little lady just needs a little solace from it all
outside is best when there are 9 other kids inside
and, here we all are!!!