Friday, December 10, 2010

Boston, Meet Ella

Last week our family had the pleasure of entertaining Ella and her family.
Last week Boston had the pleasure of experiencing Ella!
In college I was fortunate to accompany Ella on a trip to New York City.  I would surmise there are those in New York who have yet to forget the quirky, exuberant girl they were exposed to in their everyday, New York routine.  Even Matt Lauer, who Ella stubbornly & quite candidly refused to believe was in fact Matt Lauer, probably still remembers that strange girl he encountered in front of his work place.  I use the word "encounter," because exposure to Ella is a definite "encounter."  
As was our trip to New York, Ella's trip to Boston was such a joy for me.  She had me laughing & without a voice (literally) by the weekend's end.  Our family enjoyed Ella, Virgil, and sweet Anderson so much.  Thank you for a wonderful visit.    
this clip captures Ella to a 'Tee'
it may be a tie - i think langston's love for ella equals virgil's
Ella and Anderson in route 

hat on the donkey - ella's idea
colder here than in Jackson

Edward in the bag
always has something to say...

family photo + langston
langston was enamored by ella
honestly, i think she wanted to switch families

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  1. so fun lauren! i miss ella too :( looks like you all had a blast :) that's hilarious that you said langston wants to "switch families"......i'm sure there is no place she'd rather be than with you all : )