Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boston, an End or a Beginning?

June 28th, one day before our Little Man would reach the one year mark, the Scrughams headed to Boston.  Jeff alongside McTavish had begun his trek two days prior by car.  Bebe, Langston, Edward, and myself would journey by air.  What an event!  The air travel alone with young Edward was experience enough, let alone landing in a city we knew nothing of.  Our home, seen only through pictures, the neighborhood, the locals, everything - it was all a mystery. 
An "End":::  On July 1st Jeff would begin his final year of medical training at Boston Children's Hospital.  I can not believe we are here - the "final year of training."  This is a difficult reality to grasp.  With undergrad beginning in 1995, Medical School in 2000, Residency in 2005, and Fellowship in 2010 - this journey is almost complete! 
A "Beginning":::  Following one year at Children's in Pediatric Radiology Jeffrey (16 years post our first year at UT Knoxville) will be trained and ready to embark on a medical career with family in tow.

This is an exciting and surreal time for our family.
So... Let the year begin, the training end, and most importantly let the experiences in Boston mark a memorable and joyful time for our family!
Edward's favorite spot in the new apartment!
Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

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  1. love the new blog!!! great idea, because i know you will want to chronical this crazy year.