Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Fall

I'm so behind, but really - is this new?  It certainly isn't the first time i started a post with these words.
A five day school week, 1/2 marathon training, an attempt to 'stick with' tennis, home decorating, loving on my babies...
life prevents an "up to date" blog for a lazy person like myself.  

last year i had such time on my hands.  responsibilities were few.  this year i feel i'm diving head first into the lifelong (until college) activity of child "involvment."  don't get me wrong - i like it, but sometimes i feel i'm burning the candle at every end.
And, certainly you will never hear me say i didn't enjoy the long days at home over the past 5 years with my babies either.  those times were priceless and right up my alley.

how i got onto that - no idea?

anyway - i'm behind because we are busy.
eeeek - let me rephrase - "busy for me," and this is saying little b/c i'm lazy lazy.  friends who have 3, 4, and 5 kids sail through these years blogging, participating, engaging, etc. while i seek to maintain focus with only one in school.  trouble!

Fall is...

Football Time in Tennessee

A time for patagonia vests, sweaters, and pink cowboy boots

 and Halloween
with Batman & Tinkerbell

That's my bucket!!!!

sweet 'sis sis' leading little man

i skipped ahead

most importantly in our world - 
Fall is a time for Langston's Birthday, and this year 
- a Disney Birthday.

this  - to come...

until then - Edward will dance us out!

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  1. such a cute post! totally understand the burning the candle at both ends! its an exhausting time! :) i am always behind on my blog lately too.