Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Sampling from Steamboat 2012

Each year before our trip to the mountains we stop first in denver. 
2 reasons...
  1. sales calls
  2. a visit to my dad and brother's alma mater, CU (university of colorado, boulder).  no complaints here.  denver is a great city, and boulder is a utopia of sorts.  
Boulder Fun
a battle on pearl street
lunch at the sink

Steamboat, CO
Langston's 3rd year on skis, and with each year we see more development.
this was langston's first year on the ski lifts & the first skiing sans "edgie wedgie's"  
she's doing great, and most importantly she loves it.  we take it slowly each year and go at her pace.  so far this plan has been the most effective in our world.
i'm so proud of my brave angel!  plus, she is precious out there.
my favorite "langstonisms"this trip...

  • "well, if you are going to ski with me you have to watch out because i'm a really good and fast skier"
  • "i'll be the leader!"
  • langston:  "well, are you as good as me right now?"  
           me:  "i don't know?"
           langston:  "well can you turn and do a pizza?"

her confidence is staggering:)

next year is your's buddy
we'll get you out there too!
i can only imagine this little guy w/ the mischievous grin barreling down the hill

skiing at 22 weeks pregnant...
i did get the 'all clear' to ski from my doctor, so with little hesitation i hit the slopes.  skiing was tricky.  i won't lie.
my clothing was comical (maternity ski clothes aren't exactly flowing off the racks); the altitude was trying; & i was overly nervous about getting hit by the occasional out of control skier.
i did manage to avoid a fall, and even with the few maternity nuisances skiing, especially w/ langston, was worth it.  i'm stubborn, and i could not head to the mountains without getting on the slopes.

pose originated by bobo?

the town of steamboat
a town oozing with all things western

a kid caught in a candy store


  1. What a great trip to Colorado! I love your Langstonisms. I think I may have to copy that. :)

    1. kidisms! copy away. you can't make this stuff up:))))
      what they say at this age is too cute not to capture