Saturday, May 12, 2012

May, already?

30 weeks
10 weeks left
goodness, time passes quickly
oddly (but not too surprisingly) i don't think i'm prepared for july 18th.  yes, i'm excited about the baby and the end to this ridiculous state of pregnancy - but the anxiety!  i'm a little nervous.  3?  what were we thinking?

fortunately this time around i have in my corner enough self-awareness to take hold of reality - my worries are always (not often) for naught.

with langston, i worried i wasn't ready for children.  did i even like kids?

a wasted fret - that's all that was.

i could love my children no more.  now i get dad's label used for edward and me growing up.  "world's greatest kids."  sure, any mom would object to this classification because their kids are indeed the  greatest, but in my world - edward and langston rise to the top of the charts.  they are my loves.

and, with edward.  really?  must we return to the days where dread (yes, dread) filled me over the thought of having a boy.

again, a ridiculous notion.  i'm putty in my little guy's hands.

so, with this said...  i'm not too concerned about worries over our third child.

BUT...  i am a little anxious by the (all too) swift passage of time.  The 18th of July marks the coming of a precious sister, but it also carries with it the reality - edward will be 3, & langston will be approaching 6.
sad...  i' don't want edward to be 3 & langston 6 in october.
2 and 5 are plenty old enough!

Favorite moments as of late...
honestly i'm exhausted come 5 o'clock (really 2:30), SO it is bliss when jeff comes home & captures the children for play in the front yard.

sweet sweet times...


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