Saturday, June 9, 2012

May Events (II)

phase 2
End of the Year Party

at our home
 - which resembles, and has for about a month, a speckled hen - 
for i am incapable of making a decision. 
3 decorators' advice & i'm no closer to choosing a paint option
so, i welcome suggestions in any form
 - for we are probably pretty close to receiving a not so nice 'suggestive - get your act together' letter from the neighborhood association - 
maybe renting is the better option for indecisive types like me?

and i was afraid our home wasn't entertaining enough for a jk student.  in a completely unrelated event, the fire department was on scene to provide amusement.  (with the 'paint indecision' at least we were provided the painter's ladder to keep children contained)  

Final Day at School with Teachers

and, the start of Summer

here's to hoping life doesn't get too dull for the kids, as i'm nearing the end of pregnancy & exhaustion is reaching new heights


  1. Oh Lauren - you have great taste! Trust your gut!
    I hope the decorators didn't all tell you different colors! I love the creamy color that the trim already is...but maybe I'm not much of a visionary. Good luck! Whatever you do will look great! : )
    That was such a weird day with the accident outside your house! Glad the kids were amused! They probably thought it was the best party ever!

    1. oh shoot laura. that's the problem. i like the creamy color too, but the decorators think it looks 'dated.' both have raved over the swamp green??? this is cause for my anxiety. what do i do????