Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Stab at "Call Me Maybe"

  1. this isn't a provocative dance video.  langston has simply lost all but 2 buttons on her nightgown.   i've never sewn them back on.  And her choreography - where did this come from?  these two have rhythm.   
  2. edward is at it again - he's probably not that funny.  it's probably just me being his mom - but i think he's hilarious.  he's such a ham.  i love it!  can't get enough...
Turn it up!!!



  1. This is precious! Really cute dancing and precious children!

  2. that's pretty cute lauren : ) mary etta was sitting here while i hit play and she kept saying "that's jack!" edward kinda looks like our friend jack who is her age (and i guess edward's age too). hope you all are adjusting and enjoying that sweet baby girl! she's precious!

  3. Two future members of the MUS "spirit squad"??? Blanking out on what they called it back then...but oh yeah, I see it!

  4. And can you please post a pic of the new addition?!

  5. I am laughing so hard!! I guess we all know where Langston and Edward got their dance moves! Brings back memories! :)

  6. No, it is not just that you are his mom...Edward is hilarious!! I need to do this with my kids--they love that song!


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