Tuesday, October 30, 2012

playing catch up

time is flying past, and as hard as i try to savor the moments patiently i find myself clinching fists when i should be smiling.  busyness frustrates me!  
i LOVE leisure - reason why i enjoyed the baby stages of Langston and Edward.  i like being on my own time schedule.  if i want to lay around in my pjs & leave the house at 11:30, why not?  who's there to object?  
these days, however, there is a schedule to follow.  langston has to be at school at 8 (praise jeff who takes her), edward has to be at school by 9ish (praise the not too stringent rules of PDO), each must be picked up at a set time, there are a couple of lessons to attend at specific times, etc. etc.....  these schedules are doing me in.  lazy days are no more!  

lately, in this hectic hullaballoo we've had...
school photos
the birth announcement 

 my tuesday dates with Edward

 Langston's soccer games

 Time with Daddy while Mom enjoys Lyda time

 the reemergence of date nights

avett brothers
craft fairs and makeovers

and other unplanned, sweet moments captured


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