Friday, December 6, 2013


'our' utopian' island

again - everyone has their place, their "special place," that elicits this giddy joy which we all need.  god loves our laughter, our smiles, our 'giddy' selves, and i believe he creates the spots we love to give us glimpses into what's to come. 

nantucket -
no, not for everyone
 - unless you have a ton of cash to rent a home for the week on the atlantic, you will not enjoy a waterfront view.  this could be a hang up for some, but i am quite content living in a charming cottage in the center of an idyllic, utopian town for the week.  and, 'sweet pea,' a favored nickname for our first born - could it be more perfect???  it just fits.

Chilly day on the island

edward renames the "cockentail"
there's nothing warm about that water 

Favorite spot - the Cisco Brewery

Who's 4???

ramsey and langston
friends from charlestown

of 1000s of pictures i think i got it!  
great trip with wonderful memories.  
ready to return...


  1. oh my goodness....beautiful pictures lauren!!! what do you edit photos in? i just use iphoto, but these look maybe like a photoshop i am guessing? looks like you all had a fun and refreshing trip : )

    1. thanks erica! some i edit with iPhoto. pics i really like i edit with 'actions' i have in photoshop. photoshop is really foreign to me. i don't understand it at all. i did buy actions from (florabella - i think???) & they help. really need to take an online photoshop class!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Really wish we could have visited Nantucket. One day!