Sunday, February 23, 2014

far far behind

and playing catchup...

looking at the big picture - not fretting over one crazy afternoon, a hectic weekend, or a busy couple of days - but life now collectively, as a whole, for me - it is full.
yes, "full," may seem loose to an outsider looking in; but to me - i'm spent!  i used to spend mornings sewing, blogging, cross wording, or piddling (a word?) with my camera in attempt of becoming decent at photography.  these moments of leisure are but a distant memory.
just last week, i took up sewing again after a year long hiatus.  as for blogging, i will try now to summarize 5 or so months of activity in this brief moment i've allotted for myself.
got to get caught up!!!  for my own sanity.


watching these two was our highlight of langston's season

game face 

 new orleans 

and moving into october

 pumpkin patch

  and some piddling 

 SHOOT!  i didn't catch up at all.  and my kitchen is a wreck.  how do people find the time???  got to get organized & "with it!"


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