Monday, September 6, 2010

Our First Trip Home

A busy week for Jeffrey hastened a weeklong trip back to Memphis for myself and the kids!  Truthfully I was a little nervous about our trip home for a number of reasons.  First, Young Edward is likely the worst traveler I have ever been exposed to - and, he is my son.  Second, after immersing myself in the Boston way of 'keeping to yourself,' I was anxious to jump into my Memphis world of relationships.  Strange as it may seem (most would welcome the characteristic Southern charm), I wasn't quite sure I still had 'it' in me.  
Well, fortunately for all our Memphis trip was a huge success.  I do still have 'it' in me, and I was able to mix into a world where you wave and say 'hey!' on your morning run.  What a great week!  Spending time with family and friends was invigorating!  Just looking at the pictures puts a smile on my face.  
My Big Back Yard with the Bourlands
Knox Man - what a beautiful boy!

Edward's Activity of Choice...
I've mastered it!
now, a quick drink
and a change of clothes!

Bebe and Bobo's (and I play with my camera)

Trampolining with McCool and Wren (if these pictures don't make you smile, I don't know what will!)  
my two favorites
A friend told me that trampolining is pure joy.  I see these pictures and I believe.

Zoo fun with the Scotts and Bourlands

Knox, Libby, Mary Paige, Langston, and Elizabeth

Family Pool Time

But my favorite part of being in Memphis was hanging with the Coffeys!!!!  2 Nights with Gwen and her family & a lunch!!!!  There is nothing better.  I love Gweneth!  I kick myself for no pictures...

And, the flight home...

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  1. great pictures!! will call soon to hear about re-entry. we loved being with you all.