Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Backing Up...

I am getting far ahead of myself, and I need to 'catch up' to present-day.  We spent the first two months in Boston sightseeing, so bear with me...  life has been eventful!
(keep in mind, this blog will eventually create a scrapbook for our family of our Boston year.  There are hundreds of pictures I struggle to 'whittle' down.  I can not pick photos to save my life because I love them all.  So, this post may be tedious to observe for most readers)
  • Buddy turns 1! 
    Langston dances the birthday dance   

  • First trip to the Boston Public Gardens
these Ducks and the book, Make Way for Ducklings, are the inspiration for our blog's title

  • Happy Birthday Daddy!!!  July 28, 2010
  • Frog Pond Activities
Our Ham
What is it about this activity that they love?

  • Marblehead with Friends
Frances and Edward

Langston and Mary Scott
  • Our house to the Aquarium via boat trip
  • An attempt at photography at the Boston Gardens to take photos for our town home.  Wanting to make home a little more 'home.'  August 2010

  • One more thing - Our FRIENDS ARE HERE!!!!  Kelly and Libby's August trip to Boston!
Libby and Langston relaxing on our stoop
waiting for the T
Night out to the North End for dinner.  "It's chilly in Boston"
and some ice cream for dessert
so, this is college life...  hanging at harvard!

Thank you Kelly for the great pics!  
  • We dropped the Bourlands off at the airport, drove to "arrivals" and picked up Bobo.  What a treat.  We love our visitors!!!!  


  1. Lovely pictures Lauren! I loved Boston the one time I visited. I had a dream about you last night...crazyness. I need some of your motivation to keep up my own blog. I am soooo behind and poor Henry's life is hardly documented compared to Pierce's. Busy busy! Keep up the posts!!! : )

  2. class, your pics look great!! though i did see your friend's comment on your fb page and the recommendation---and i do understand wanting to use the ISO/shutter speed, etc. i took photography in HS and knew it back then, but after never keeping up with it, all that is foreign to me years later. so i'm going to check it out too and see if it'll help me brush up on my skills! i did love it back then so having kids to be my subjects i know i still would love it/be interested in it! sweet, sweet pics for sure!