Monday, October 25, 2010

My Love of the City - Reason One...

There are so many reasons why I love this city, and I will 'attempt' in documenting each of them before we leave. 
First, I'll devote a paragraph or two to running (a hobby I love but also find way too easy to retire)

Running in Boston will make you smile no matter what shape you are in.
Usually on a run when I find myself out of shape each heavy step is sheer agony, AND when I first arrived in Boston this was the shape I was in.  However, the agony was not agony at all.  I had chills (good chills, happy chills) each time I set out to pound the pavement.  There is just something about Boston - be it the city, the running trails along the Charles River saturated with sailboats, the charming brownstones, a brilliant imix always playing "Please Come to Boston" at the opportune time, or the Bostonians yelling in their thickest accents upon any type of encounter?  I can not identify exactly what it is, but I love this place and running feels great here.  I think it's because you're right in the thick of life when you jog.  
Jogging for me has improved, and now I find myself working on pace which isn't all together a great thing.  Yes, it's nice to push yourself and my jogs generally feel better; however, I am not savoring the thrills of Boston as I once was.  What I need to do is chunk the Garmin & bar my competitive drive before they ruin a great thing!:)

photo compliments of someone?  not me
this is my favorite jog sans kids - running along the Cambridge side of the Charles, crossing over  one of the bridges, & wrapping up my run on the Boston side of the Charles as I head for home
Each week (as long as weather permits) the kids and I mix a "kid's" activity with a little exercise.  We jog to our destination.  Below is a trip to the Children's Museum.  
water, water everywhere in Boston
Result of the Big Dig - walking trails and expansive green areas amid the traffic
We arrive at our destination and illustrate a pretty typical scene - Edward wide awake in the "carriage" with a slumbering Langston


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