Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why I love you

Edward's new enjoyment - climbing steps
One of my favorite things about having two children is discovering how truly unique each one is.  I assumed after witnessing Langston's behavior for over two years that our son would be relatively similar in nature.  I prepared myself for an easy, angelic baby; however, at birth I saw and heard something entirely different.  Edward came into the world screaming.  He wanted all to know that he was in fact here.
I love this little guy, screams and all!  His personality captures me!
It is so funny because strangers often comment how "easy" my little boy seems. Edward presents an award winning facade!

Look at that face - an angel.
Well, this is indeed a part of him, but there is another side too.  A very energetic side full of curiosity, spunk, and a voice.

Our little Beggar...
This developing behavior is pretty cute.  For a little guy, he loves his food!  All activity is dropped at the slightest hint someone might be opening a snack bag in the kitchen.

I want that!

I love you buddy.  Every aspect of you!  Even as you're calling for me as I type  "Mama, Mama, Mama......"  after your 30 minute nap  

An ongoing list of Edwardisms I love...

  • Takes a small army to change your diaper (admittedly not my favorite 'ism')

  • climbs EVERYTHING!  stairs, onto the bed, from table to top of highchair, etc...

  • the mischievous smile you give at the onset of any impish activity

  • tossing food you don't like onto the floor from the highchair
  • the way you love & imitate your sister
  • your crazy blond shaggy hair
  • your frantic look

    to be continued...


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