Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas, Part I

I have been extremely negligent with blogging, and I am ridiculously behind - so, here is an attempt at catching up.
Home for the Holidays
We gathered our gear, readied ourselves for travel 'with Edward', again enjoyed many an empty seat around us on the plane (ONLY with Jeffrey), and arrived to a 'Bebe & Bobo greeting' at the airport.  We hustled to lunch at 'Just for Lunch,' knowing we had to eat early enough and just enough so not to spoil the El Porton dinner I'd been craving since August.  El Porton was amazing, and we were treated as royalty.  Oh, how they miss us (as we miss them).  Following dinner, we headed home to partake in Langston Christmas tradition:

Getting the angel on the tree...
Until last year Bobo and I had performed this task 30 or so odd years.  Now, Langston places our (30 year old) angel a top the tree, and it is a really sweet moment we all look forward to.
*Note the petzl head lamp on Bobo's head.  This is for "exploring" that will take place later that evening.  Exploring is a new Langston/Bobo ritual that occurs most nights.  They explore down Natchez Ln. in search of treasure.  Fortunately for Langston, treasure (in the form of a matchbox car, bubbles, or figurine) is always found.  
Post Dinner Fun with Will Will

Delivering Bebe's Christmas Gifts with Daddy

"What?  I need a haircut?"
"Mom's the problem here, not me!"

Christmas Eve
and, one of my 'favorite things' this Christmas
Edward as a Shepherd

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