Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Days in the Snow

My thoughts on the current season of our Boston Experience...
If we are going to endure a cold winter, we might as well endure one of the coldest.  no harm in breaking a record!  As of last Sunday's "light dusting", this season is #10 in recorded Boston snowy winters .
You know... ?  I'm not so happy with #10.  I 'd like to move ahead on this list, and I am confident there will be more "dustings" to nudge us ahead in the record books.
(in the instance of our 'days in the snow', my competitive nature has shaped things positively)

Certainly snow does create difficulty...

 - Running is more of a challenge.  So much of one, I traded in my running shoes for an entire month.  The final run before my hiatus was more of an ice skating fiasco in tennis shoes.  Step, step, STOP - there's ice, now walk.  This was the drill until reaching the Esplanade which was an uninterrupted sheet of ice.  Last week, temps were on the rise and the ice/snow began melting.  I vowed to return to the roads.  So far, pretty good.  

  - Shoveling...  ahhhh - well, we just don't do it.  But, our neighbor does.  Look at him go!  Actually all responsible people in the North East do some form of shoveling.
Fortunately we were blessed with an amazing landlord who enjoyed the art of shoveling.  One morning I awoke to yet another 'nor'easter,' no Jeff - he had left early for the hospital via "T" transit, and the reality we would spend yet another day at home.  This was until I saw sweet Alex shoveling our car out of the driveway.  Blessings come in all forms, and we were certainly thankful.  Unfortunately Alex moved to Philly, and we anxiously await the next 'opportunity' to try our hands at that shovel.

  - Many a 'homebound' day
A snow day is a great day the first day, and possibly the second, but after two we're done.  The house is done; cooking - done; dress-up fun - done; candy land - done; thomas the train, angelina the ballerina, word world - done; fun playing in a box - all DONE!

this is too cute
maybe box fun is not done
 - and, transportation can be tricky
Off to ballet
School pick-up
Little man is sound asleep in there
grocery trip
There are other aspects of our days in the snow that have been glorious

namely, it is the time spent with Langston and Edward I am so so grateful for.  People ask all the time - "aren't you going crazy with no time to yourself?"  Well, yes.  There are moments (as I have said) where I long for a cup of coffee - solo, a run alone on a Tuesday, or a matinee showing.  But, the many precious moments with my children afford for such absences.  Snowy days have allowed even more time together, and it is with these days I remind myself this season will only last so long.  Next year begins the 5 day school week for Langston, and Edward will participate in some form of Mothers Day Out.  This time, our time together, is indeed glorious.

apres snow at the local coffee shop
I have noticed in our homebound days both kids actively playing together.  Be it trains, watching the same shows side by side, coloring, playing with dolls...  whatever activity one chooses, the other is eager to participate.  These are certainly sweet times where it is evident our kids adore and enjoy each other.  Yes, I know this won't last - for at this moment I hear an eruption.  Boom Boom (Edward) hit Langston with a hair brush.  Ahhhh, these moments are fleeting. 

This day was actually one of those 'stir crazy' homebound days.  Everybody's dressed, and it's just too cold and snowy to play outdoors.  Well, what do we do?  Pictures anyone?

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  1. Such fun pics Lauren and aren't you the trooper! Please update me on the school situation for L next year! I can't wait to be neighbors.