Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aspen 2011

From limited personal experience, I expect if you are fortunate enough to travel for spring break you choose one of two roads.  White sand and a relaxed, sedentary week away from home is your thing, or you opt for road 2 - the slopes.  I would surmise most go with road 1, for road 2 is not for the faint of heart.  It requires much endurance, a minor two to three day self-maiming caused by altitude, and quite a lot of strength (the boots I wear on my feet weigh approximately the weight of my son, and the skis/poles you carry to and from the slopes are not the trip's lure).  Yet, the greatest block in road 2 is the small fortune you will spend in a week's time.  The angst that coincides with swiping the card for lessons, lift tickets, new goggles, and soup atop ajax will make you hurt a bit.
However, those who travel road 2 will likely return year after year.  Skiing, for those who enjoy it, is addictive and well worth the minor nuisances listed above.  
My Dad has been taking us to the mountains since I was born, give or take a few of the 34 here or there.  We are fortunate because Dad went to college in Boulder and jumps at any reason to visit friends who never left the area.  I love it, and I am a sucker for the majestic mountain views, optimal spring skiing temperatures, Colorado ski villages, the clean air you inhale as soon as you step off the plane - all of it!  To me (road 1 or road 2) the choice is obvious, and i eagerly await our March trip to the slopes each year.  
to preface - all but a couple of roof pics were taken with our iphones - a testament to iphones photo quality - but also a source of marital turbulence because jeff barred me from purchasing a smaller camera after leaving our camera back in boston

Father/Daughter bonding 
 I love it
Finding something parent and child do together they both enjoy is a gift for all involved 

Will Will
Rooftop, apres ski was the week's highlight, especially for the children.  It was their roof as far as I could tell
I love this picture of Bebe and the babes.  Bebe was as generous as they come on our trip.  She abhors skiing, altitude knocks her down for about 4 of the 10 days, but she endures and cares for our children.  They love her for it!  As we all do:)))  Thank you Bebe!

this is my couch
and my lounge chair

Edward in a box 
riding up the magic carpet
Last year was Langston's first year to try skiing.  I was apprehensive (she was only 3), unsure if she would enjoy it and prepared to take her home at the first sign of protest against ski school.   Langston, however, loved it and asked to return the following day.  This year we again wondered if experiences would be favorable, and fortunately she again pleaded to return (this may have had something to do with her "awesome" teacher Manu).  I was so proud of her!  She amazes me.
there she goes
i took an entire day off from skiing to stalk my daughter in ski school
i was literally scaling hills of slope side condos to get the best shot (with my iphone) of langston in action
her instructor was embarrassed for me, but i was embarrassed for myself - so all is well

I was so thrilled with Langston's school progress I organized the final day on the slopes as family day - we'd all ski the bunny slope together.  Well, this day didn't exactly go as I planned - but Langston had a smile on her face the entire time.  This is all that matters.  Who cares if holding hands is required (no, mandated) each and every time we take the run.  We work best that way!

Edward and his namesake - Uncle Edward and phenomenal skier.  My brother followed in our Dad's footsteps and went to CU Boulder.   His choice to study out west in close proximity to the mountains certainly did wonders for his prowess on the snowboard


  1. Looks like so much fun Lauren! Happy Spring!

  2. So fun! Been walking past your new house...and can't wait to play together!!!