Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ice Skating at the Frog Pond

In the Northeast kids are quite adept at winter sports.  Most children Langston's age are already iceskating, skiing, and hitting the rink for hockey practice.  With the exception of snow skiing, winter sports are a foreign practice in our home.  We did attempt ice skating last weekend, and Langston seemed to really enjoy it.  She did not leave my arm or the rink's side, but she loved it and to us - this is success!

Langston and her "teacher"
Prior to this venture I likened ice skating to riding a bike - a skill you never forget.  I was a fine skater when younger, so I assumed I'd still 'have it'.  Not so much.  I was pitiful.

I love Langston's focus
 - just like her Daddy -

The Blind Leading the Blind

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  1. Seriously, all the pictures of you and Langston ice skating look like they belong in People magazine!