Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reason Six - Spring

At least I think I'm on six?  It's been a long time since I rattled on about Boston favorites.

You do not realize how much you miss the site of grass, a river flowing after escaping the freeze, or 'not' bundling your children up in down parkas, long underwear, hats, gloves, & boots upon heading out for a .2 mile walk down the hill UNTIL that first glimpse of Spring in Boston.
I, especially to Jeff, have boasted endlessly about my remarkable attitude this winter.  Honestly, I survived with flying colors!  I didn't mind the cold, I did the 'suit up the kids' thing daily without fuss, and I actually enjoyed Boston's seventh snowiest winter.  The snow was really pretty - seriously!
However, my attitude turned sour when friends from Memphis began posting pictures on Facebook of their kids in sandals & sundresses in March.  I too was ready for a little dose of this Spring.  So ready that I am not afraid to don the flip flops in 48 degree Boston Spring, rainy weather.  The kids I suit up in their winter gear, but I shiver in sandals while demanding warmer temps.  Just yesterday a dad at school drop-off commented that possibly I could summon Spring temps simply from my outfit, and surely enough I sat quite comfortably at the monument in the sun yesterday afternoon.  Well look at that 'Dad at drop-off'!

I think, fingers crossed, that true Spring has arrived!  Today I just saw temps will be between 65 - 78 degrees.  Glorious!

What does Spring mean in our world?...

  • an open playground

  • "Cheese!"
  • an impending Ballet recital

"The Fitting"
the outfit - a little frilly for my taste, but Langston loves it

And a number of other Springtime Thrills

"Look Edward, the water's not frozen"

  • The Cape (in the rain) 

and in the sun
(with coats)

  • boats, boats, and more boats
Chatham, MA
Marblehead, MA

  • Paul Revere's Ride Through Charlestown on Patriot's Day 

and a bike parade through charlestown 

  • The Boston Marathon

  • the return of Jimmy, the ice cream man, to the monument
  • and, flowers that "pop" only as they can in New England 


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