Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Trip to the Cape

Chatham, MA
April 2011
One unfortunate reality about our Boston experience is Jeff's ridiculously strenuous workload.  One week it's short float (noon - 9pm), the next miraculously he's 7am-5pm, and the following - again - night float (9pm - 9am).  This has been the trend since stepping foot at Children's Hospital.  This is a phenomenal experience for him, and he is receiving wonderful training, but their train of thought seems to be - 'You're the lucky one, you have a fellowship at Harvard, you are training at one of the best Children's hospitals in the country, and now - You're ours!'  Yes, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic, but I'm not so sure Jeff would see 'drama' here.  

The positive spin unfortunately only affects the children and myself.  Poor Jeffrey...  
We are afforded moments to slip away to some of New England's greatest attractions.  Recently we took off to the Cape, and it was a special time though Daddy's absence was undoubtedly felt from each of us.  

We arrived to terrible weather - all day!  I wondered if this 1 1/2 hour venture was a colossal mistake. 
Great attitude Langston.  Keep it up!

not so sure about this
And, let the hotel fun begin!  
Dont worry,
Langston came prepared with suits

Oh dear, should we head back?

Fortunately after a nice dinner and a change in the forecast things were looking up for the mini-vacation.

The next day - Cool, but perfect!
 working on our shell collection
gorgeous sky

well hey there

 Fun Times 
dancing in the sand

Mean Face
Happy Face


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  1. You are awesome to keep them busy during Jeff's hectic schedule! I can totally relate as a military wife! We are starting week 2 of daddy being gone for training. It is so exhausting! Miss you'll!