Friday, June 17, 2011

Charlestown Loves a Parade

that's our house behind the navy
-parade strolled right in front of our home-
Charlestown:  Originally a Puritan colony founded in 1628, the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill (&Breed's Hill) in 1775 , & the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  This town is a goldmine for the history buff and also the perfect locale for a parade.
The Army, Navy, Marines, clowns, politicians, the theatrical tour guides dressed to the nines in their historically time inspired garb...  All congregate on the streets of Charlestown to march in honor of Bunker Hill Day every year in June.
Our home happened to be on the parade route so we took our seats across the street, celebrated with friends at a local party, & enjoyed this annual commemoration for those who fought in the Revolution.  A really fun day here and again cause to radiate pride only as Bostonians can do.

A Parade!,
A Parade!,
Here comes a PARADE!!!
(the excitement)

i loved her wave to all those marching by
sweet langston... 
you gotta have bagpipes


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