Sunday, July 24, 2011

Final Day in my Favorite City, Part I (& my last running boast)

How does one spend the final day in their favorite city??? Well fortunately Jeff had the day off, & with this token of good fortune we enjoyed the city we had grown to love together. We 'sampled' old favorites mixed with new 'bucket list' activities we had meant to do all year.

Our final day...
it began with a run

for the umpteenth time i'll boast about running in boston. understandably, my endless carrying on about the splendors of Boston running could wear on the nerve of the occasional reader of the blog or the facebook 'what's on my mind' comments, but bear with me one more time as i gloat for i do so with good reason. Facebook & "blogging" has been my outlet of expression for a year.  Friends, we did come to meet, but especially in the beginning commenting & marveling on basically 'everything' experienced was my form of camaraderie. A little sad - kind of - but not so much because I was loving most every minute of our time.  I was prepared for a tough & lonely year in Boston, but surprisingly life was far from what was expected. What a blessing!

& to return to running...  My love of 'pounding the pavement' found me again in boston because the city is a pretty phenomenal place to run.  so as we soaked up our favorites, it was fitting i would begin my final day on my favorite route.

Why is running in boston amazing????
well, how could it not be...
(i took my phone/camera on every run)

the Esplanade was a sheet of ice in January & February.  this made running difficult, but it was still really pretty

charlestown navy yard
even on the dankest of days, i loved it here



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