Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reason Eight, Nine, & Ten - The Good Shepherd School

Upon our move last June, I never imagined we would live in a community & find a school we would love so much.  During the Spring I wrote an "ad" in the Good Shepherd School Auction Program.  It describes our love for this special school perfectly...

Moving Up Ceremony & Graduation
The Sea Turtles ( JK) graduated & the junior classes 'moved up' awaiting a new year and a new classification for August 2011.  Langston finished her year as a Blue Whale, and though she will not be a Sea Turtle next year with her Good Shepherd friends she is eager to take her spot in the "Terrific Tiger" class at Grace St. Lukes.  I loved our year, and we will forever treasure the friendships made at the Good Shepherd School in Charlestown, MA.  Here's to a wonderful year!!!
 the final walk to school

 special, special friends
Allie, Langston, Ella "S", Ramsey 
Ella S and Ramsey
beautiful girls from beautiful families
i miss them already!
Miss Beth, The Good Shepherd School's Director
mark my words - i will see miss beth on the today show one day honoring her remarkable leadership 

Miss Stephanie & Miss Nicholette
hey sass!  Eleanor, Sadie, and Allie

Langston, Chloe, Eleanor, Bradley, Sadie, & Allie
such a beautiful friendship
langston and chloe

I cannot begin to express gratitude sufficient for our experience at the Good Shepherd School.  From our first meeting with Beth, all anxieties about our family’s move to Boston were erased. 
The Good Shepherd School is a family - a beautiful and nurturing family, one that encourages children to thrive in education and faith.  We so blessed we found this neighborhood gem .2 miles from our home.  
I approach the end of this year with much angst.  Our year in Boston is over, and I cannot allow myself to imagine the day when Langston will say goodbye to Miss Beth, Miss Stephanie, Miss Nicolette, all of her friends, and the other amazing teachers Langston has become so fond of. 
Thank you all!  Thank you for a glorious year in Boston.  Many return trips are in order to visit some of our favorite people. 
Thank you for taking care of our Langston.  We are forever grateful & hope to find a school equal to The Good Shepherd in Memphis.  This will certainly be a tall order!

The Scrugham Family


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