Sunday, August 21, 2011

From Boston to Memphis

From Boston...
We moved to Boston last June, and I adopted the city as my own.  A little silly - yes - seeing we were there merely a year, but what a fantastic year (and why dismiss something i loved?)!  I do miss it, sometimes very much, but i have a choice here...
either i can
(a) sulk 
(b) embrace a wonderful year, accept the blessing this adventure afforded at the end of a somewhat grueling 10 year medical training experience, and acknowledge the very real fact that i have absolutely NO idea what the future brings.  Who knows?  the northeast may still offer some type of permanence in the scrughams' lives.

To Memphis...  

edward and the watermelon
at the 4th of july neighborhood party
mom was there, waiting at the airport with a dozen roses in one arm for me & toys in the other for the kids.  the roses were a gift from dad, who with flight delays on our end & meetings on his, could not be at our welcome to memphis airport party.  no worries -  for he was certainly present at the impromptu 'meet and greet' that materialized in our front yard several hours later.  family, friends, a new home, el po for dinner - things were looking up!
the ease of it all...  bebe walking down the road to join us; uncle edward and bobo swinging by after work; laura, the beasleys, judy douglass (both new neighbors & old friends) spotting us in the yard & stopping in to say hi.  all of it - the ease & availability of those we love!

photo - not great.  but, what perfect timing.
new cousin john was born soon after our return home
he is an angel, beautiful in every way,
and it has been a lot of fun watching relationships between cousins
take off since moving home

about a week after the move some very dear boston friends (and jonesboro natives) happened to be traveling in the southeast.  the elation on langston's face when mary scott and frances appeared at our front door!  it was wonderful to see the dunns, but this did prove tricky in the weeks following - for langston thought it made perfect sense for boston friends to fly in at any time and say hello.

sweet girls
langston and mary scott

and frances
what a beauty!
and, school begins!
the first week of school has been a success!  i was nervous as langston lamented over missing her good shepherd teachers when walking in her new building.  BUT, all is well & we are loving our new school one week in.

so, we are back!  we are reconnecting with friends & realizing just how special friendships / relationships are

we come, we go, and friends remain - they may now even be a little stronger.  it's great being back with those we love.  

after a year in boston life is just a little more full.  i look forward to watching relationships grow with the special friends we made last year.  summers and visits to boston will be a blast, and i count us all so fortunate to have such special friends in a favorite place.  

now, what to do w/ the blog title???


  1. Beautiful post! I loved reading about your Boston adventures. What great memories!

  2. Beautiful post! I think you should keep the blog title! That is where the blog started in the first place.

  3. Catching up on your blog! What great times you'll had in Boston! Love your final pics there. Glad your settling back in well in Memphis. The kids seem really happy! XO - Sarah