Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally. Rooting Ourselves in Memphis

Med School, residency, facing an inevitable year away for fellowship...  each of these things kept me from truly "rooting" myself into Memphis life.  Really for our first ten years of marriage, i lived transiently which seems ridiculous as i type given the 10 year time frame.  nevertheless, this is how i felt failing to fully engage in Memphis & many of the relationships formed here.  Fortunately, I have beautiful friends who ignored my relational misgivings, and it has been wonderful returning to them with more now to give.  
Enough there..

With the "rooting" I am appreciating life in Memphis more and more.  Certain Memphis loves - I "get" where previously I just didn't.  restaurant iris is in fact worthy of praise, the greenline is in deed glorious, the playground at shelby farms - amazing, mid-town - a refreshing and awesome world, driving a car (not a bob revolution) - simple and so so nice (though i do miss walking in Boston).

Just as I did with Boston, I want to emphasize the things in the city i enjoy doing while raising my two loves.  Decidedly, I will keep the blog title, for the 'blog' originated in Boston, but from this point forward i'll attempt depicting life as we finally "root" ourselves in Memphis.  

 The Memphis Zoo

First... It's been great to return to a fabulous zoo.  i've been to great zoos, and i think memphis has this one in the bag.

we have a great zoo!

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  1. I miss the Memphis zoo. It truly is the best! Glad you guys are settling in!