Friday, December 30, 2011

The Holidays

Where to begin...

Blogging...  I'm beginning to think i'm just not cut out for it.  my stress level is too high trying to maintain an up to date photo journal of our family's happenings.
but but BUT - trying to keep it up because this (it seems) will be our family scrapbook.  edward, 2 1/2, is yet to have a 1 year scrapbook, so i'm thinking if i ever get around to it i'll print this off and voila!  one year scrapbook, every year scrapbook, family journal - check!

 i hesitate to even post these pictures because now (1+  month post the event) i gag a little thinking about it - but, this is jeff frying a turkey.  yum yum.  no sarcasm there.  he did a fantastic job, the turkey was enjoyed by all but me, and this fryer became a permanent fixture at our house.  yippee!

Moving on, and quickly...
Christmas Decorating

taking a break

what an angel!
jeff picked her up at the home depot (anyone's choice for christmas decor), and langston fell in love at first sight.
looks like our gaudy angel is here for the long haul

The Memphis 1/2
 So so glad it's over, i did it, way to go me; but, this was not fun.  i went from being in relatively good shape to no shape.  i had increased my mileage speed, running was really pleasant, and then - i hit this wall.  in about a two week span i fell out of shape.  probably mental, but at mile 2 i was ready to call this race.  i persevered, i finished, and i can say i ran a 1/2 pregnant!  the wave below was to my family (and yes, i felt as rough as i looked).  what a treat seeing them on the course.

let's minimize to small, really small

Our First Memphis Snow in our new back yard

and, shrinky dink fun

more to come, but now i must quit neglecting my children and run them to the bourlands for a play date


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