Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas 2011

I admit.  The family Christmas was slightly overdone this year.  it was great, don't misunderstand, but a bit of tweaking in next year's festivities certainly could not hurt.

i begin here because frankly i'm embarrassed to post photos of all the kids' loot accumulated in the course of one day, but i imagine we are not the first set of doting parents to make this mistake.  it's a lesson learned, and honestly what harm was really done???

it all began with the perfect plan - 3 gifts per child.  this was jeff's idea, not mine.  i wasn't on board, but honestly when reviewing how the day went down i see jeff wasn't too keen on his plan either.
 - i snuck 'extra' small gifts worrying the 3 gifts wouldn't be sufficient while jeff, discretely, was doing the exact same thing.

there were jeff gifts, me gifts, santa gifts, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins'  gifts...
a lot of gifts!
 - which is standard -
so why make a fuss???  next year we'll vow to improve, but this year was joyous (minus a few complaints from the lady in the first trimester) so let's go with it and enjoy the day of Christ's birth.  It was a beautiful day, and i praise God for such immense blessings he's given our family.

cookies for santa

just woke up and ready to go.
wait for it...
until days before christmas, when langston asked santa for the leap pad, the "pink guitar' was all she requested
langston, so easy to please.  have we ruined a good thing???

edward's big gift
Our morning visit from Bebe and Bobo
They live down the street - it's an easy visit for those concerned bebe would normally travel in her robe

two things i notice when posting these photos:
  1. my family is so lazy on christmas.  some families hit the ground running christmas morn.  we, however, look pretty much like this the entire day.  
  2. where's jeffrey?  he is in no photos?
The Commute
again, lazy.  we didn't go far.  only far enough for our little car to carry us

no.  not that way

yes.  you got it

and, they're off!
Baby John
and, this is why i wish i were a photographer.  my nephew is adorable, and he was a huge hit this christmas (especially with langston).
i pretend to, but really i know not the first thing about photography.
BUT, i could snap pictures of this guy all day.  

Round 2
are these mine???
from bobo, of course
the uggs last year got their fair use in boston.
these (in memphis) - not so sure???
but if i'm not buying - they are adorable -
so why not!
and, your'e pretty cute too!  

dad's self purchased christmas present.  he skis at least 2xs a year, and has been wearing the same hand-be-down (from a friend) ski outfit since 1985ish???  so, i'm proud of him for buying the patagonia cover model suit.  he'll certainly get use out of it.
now, it's time to trade in those 1970 model ski boots!
you look good dad!

we went with kit
and, it's our last christmas as a family of 4
there's a sweet addition, unseen, in this photo.
can't wait to meet this little guy (or girl) in 2012!


  1. love it! looks like a fabulous christmas!
    want to see you soon!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I went a little overboard this year as well. Lesson learned on my part as well. Excited about baby #3!