Monday, September 10, 2012

Lyda Kathryn

I'm going to do this post in waves - for there are a lot of photos & plenty of detail that coincide with a baby's birth.  
first - 'going to bebe and bobo's" (sans bobo*)  
*bobo is white water rafting/camping the colorado river with his college buddies.  to illustrate, i liken his boy's trip to the movie, Deliverance, though in his story all four men survive the river unscathed.  
in bobo's defense - he scheduled his trip around my due date, but pregnancy woes & impatience prompted the patient's early induction.  

tomorrow, these adorable kiddos will welcome baby sister, though at this moment they are far more excited about their sleep over at the grandparent's house.

The Drop Off

scary belly shots - but you've gotta post the night before

we drop the kids off & are off to this pregnancy's craving - Central BBQ - for the final meal
The Big Day
jeff and i head to the hospital early wednesday morning & the induction begins.  with only a couple of minor snafus, baby lyda joins this world & our family mid-dayish.  (i've forgotten the hour, lyda's birth height & weight.  terrible.  i didn't write it down???  this has nothing to do with you lyda - it's merely a picture of my irresponsibility).
i will call the doctor's office in 2 months time and get the numbers for your birth announcement.  

oh buddy...
my precious edward is coming around, but the birth of lyda brought a bit of angst to his world.  
 - Week one he sat on her head - 
BUT!  He's making a turn.  he loves Lyda.  there is just something about the transfer of the title, 'baby,' he is not quite ready to pass on.
fortunately for him, he needn't have to.  i think they will all be my 'babies' when they're 35.  

sweet guy - i love you!!!
and the glowing big sister.  i'm so proud of langston.  she is as i knew she would be a beautiful, caring angel to her sister.  

more to come...


  1. Beautiful post! SO happy to see pics!

  2. Precious!!! Loved hearing your story.

  3. She is so precious! Such a gift to your family.