Friday, September 28, 2012

lyda kathryn... wave 2

lyda kathryn...
i'm looking back at these pictures that for so long i avoided because "blogging" the event stressed me out.
too much too soon
i had to get back to a somewhat stable state to begin the everyday routines (which include an occasional sit down at the computer to share and document our family's goings ons...).

edward and langston 7/10/2012 
- one day before lyda's arrival - 


life now...

at two months in, it's tough to remember life without lyda.  all kids are doing beautifully.  langston - a natural, adoring caregiver i find myself wanting to emulate; edward - a rambunctious little soul who i now spy frequently stealing kisses from baby sister; and lyda - our sweet two month old who soaks up all the lovin' we can muster.
of course all moments aren't bliss...  
edward did find it difficult to pass the torch, but improvement is there.  i see it!  he's going to be a protective older brother.  fascination mixed with adoration is evident.  langston i know would rather i disregard baby at times & play 'school,' 'restaurant,' or candy land, but the moments she's hovering over lyda determined to win a smile are quite precious.  
our days seem a little more full, but i think this is largely due to langston's long school hours rather than baby.  not sure?  we do seem to be in route a lot.  
we're here, we're there, we're home, take lyda from the carrier, eat, load lyda back up, find the shoes edward has taken off during the 5 minute stint we stopped, leave home minus the shoes because they're gone (?), pick up langston,  run an errand, ask the shop clerk if we can in fact shop sans shoes for edward has none, and head for home.  
is it 5 yet????
oh, how i do love 5 o'clock!
but i also love these kids more than i ever imagined.  at times, sure, i find myself hovering over the situation (especially when trying to get everyone out of the house 'close to' on time), fixed on autopilot, singing 'ahhhhhhahhhh,' so as to avoid focus on just how stressed i actually am - but that's any mom.  1, 3, 5, 8 - whatever the number of kids you have.   
above all i'm blessed & i know it.  these kids are beautiful, precious, unique, & adored.  

a couple more photos of 7/11

jeff was the hospital photographer, and the doctor background/trigger finger 'photog' pairing resulted in loads of post birth/mucousy photos.  it's a little icky, so i'll post just this one

he's coming around...

the excitement of adding one more to their clan of cousins

a beautiful aunt.
lyda, you will soon discover the blessing you have in this lady

sweet friends Christy & Mary
and their spouses drs. vargo & brocato
a visit from jeffrey
finally!  someone who will give edward the attention he's so accustomed to  

 you're in our crazy mix now

cherished by us all!

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  1. Oh my goodness - she is beautiful Lauren! Wonderful post and pictures! Hope to see you soon!