Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Party Fit for a Fairy

A tremendous fear i have is organizing & hosting parties.  On so many levels i can explain my fear simply...
  • As a 'self professed' socially awkward individual, of course hosting would not come easily.
  • I'm a slave to procrastination.  Yes, this is completely my doing, and i could vow to plan early/execute early, but a 30+ year instilled trait isn't likely to change. 
  • finally, i have NO creative talent; so a child's birthday is a significant challenge.  
With this, I vowed to throw the party Langston wished for - 

The Fairy Party

with a surprise fairy castle

and pink balloons


all to make this sweet girl feel super special!

 i think it worked!

 now let's talk pinterest...

pinterest is a tool each one of my friends seem to use successfully.  i too, though weak with crafts, thought i'd take a stab at it. i looked up fairy party, i looked up fairy party again, and again.  i kept finding multitudes of results - all ridiculously elaborate results.  i took a mental note and sent the invitations.  cute invitations!  thank you kelly bourland!!!
after sending the invites, panic set in.  2 weeks to plan - what do i do????  another problem - when i stress, i freeze & do nothing.
one week passed, a week and 1/2, and now with 2 days remaining before fairies frolic at my house i had to focus.  with four unsuccessful trips to michaels,  & one slight panic attack (over the 'DIY' fairy wand craft), i opted for NO crafts and a call to Space Walk in G'town to rent the inflatable castle for jumping, 'outdoor,' fun.  outdoor is imperative with 30 girls arriving now in 1 day (yes, i've let another day elapse) in our good size, but not huge home.
inflatable jump is a go - now to the pinterest crafts...
of course i make my own cupcakes with my own icing (despite jeffrey and his head shake, "this is not a good idea.  order, order, order EVERYTHING!")  though cute, i don't think the cupcakes were that good, because the kids ate the donuts (jeff bought) & not my barefoot contessa, how easy is that creations.  oh well.  they were cute on the table.

kelly and i made these cute star wand cookies.  on pinterest they have pretty icing, but at this point who has the energy to ice?  an L & a 6 painted on with the pink icing bottle is plenty!
cute?  i think so.
and most importantly langston and her sweet, sweet friends LOVED her party.

these guys are
thick. as. thieves!
and precious!!!

two days before langston had drawn me a picture & written, 'thank you for planning my birthday party mommy.  i love you'
i couldn't let her down, and i didn't.  though it would be tough to let our love down.  she has a beautiful heart.  forgiving, gracious, compassionate, loving, gentle, tender, caring.  beauty radiates from within.  langston would have been ecstatic with 3 friends and a cake, but you look at her & you want to give her more because she's beyond deserving.  at least we think so.

I love you Langston!  

Happy Birthday!


  1. Great job Lauren! It looks precious. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  2. Found your blog through Brittany's. That is one great party! And please tell Jeff I said hello. I met him briefly during residency, those were some seriously painful/sleepless times, so he may not remember me...ha!

    1. thanks erin! jeff says hello and he hopes you are doing great!
      sleepless times:) i remember those for y'all!
      but, it's all worth it - right?:)))

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  4. Ohhhh what a party!! You and I are lots alike when it comes to party planning (procrastination)!! I will never be planning a fairy party, but it looks like you rocked it for Langston! So sweet!!!

    1. i don't know about 'rocked it.' you're sweet lindley. if you look at pinterest & reference 'fairy parties' this PALES in comparison. but, i had a happy langston which is all that matters right???!!!
      and, you have awesome parties! i would never know we share this fault. maybe it's not a fault at all - just means we can swing into action when it matters:))))

  5. Such a cute, cute party...and can totally relate to the planning stages!! ;) Definitely worth it to see our sweet babes so happy and thankful!