Tuesday, November 20, 2012

life at 4 months

 i'm sad...

or just thinking...

contemplative is my mood, maybe?

i'm happy.
and, drooling.
drooling and happy

ahhhh, the sporadic moods of a 4 month old.

you can adopt whichever mood you like.  take it moment by moment...


  1. lauren she is beautiful! those eyes are amazing! and of course love her sweet gown! did you make? looks like a knit cotton.....i've never sewn with that before wondering if it's hard??

  2. thank you erica!
    no, i didn't make the gown. the sewing machine hasn't come out since her birth. my sewing room became her room:) i've had the itch to begin sewing again, but i've done nothing about it:)
    i have sewn knit gowns (on the sea island cotton - think that's the name???). children's corner pattern - bunny's knit nighty.
    really easy and sweet. the only thing i did differently is to use a different needle on the fabric.
    this gown on lyda is a kissy kissy. they have some really cute things for girls now!!!
    i vowed i would buy nothing for lyda, but i'm failing. hopefully you'll do better.:)))

  3. haha! i wish : ) nope i've bought her some new things as well! i would like to say i have the excuse that she's a dec/winter baby and the girls were summer.....but let's face it, newborns still get cold no matter what season, so yes i have quite a few summer things that won't be used obviously but i have TONS of gowns, sleepers, etc. but i still just wanted a few fun things that were special for her and not 3rd child hand me downs. i do love kissy kissy! i bought one kissy kissy and one magnolia baby thing (i think made by same company or someone that used to work for KK). yeah i hear ya on the sewing! i haven't done much.......but 3 kids, laundry, dishes, meals, etc. etc. the little free time i have i'm always exhausted (esp. since i've been pregnant). i actually finally finished the big girls some matching pants i started making back in february-i know ridiculous! if i feel i have some time : ) this winter maybe i'll try that CC pattern......so we'll see. take care!