Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Night for Costumes, Candy, and Friends

my wonderful memories of halloween in the same neighborhood we now live make me happy because i can in many ways share in our kids' excitement and joy.  there's a reason why so many from outside the hood come in to enjoy the night.  it's a great place to celebrate a day of costumes, candy, and friends!

edward's original plan was edward as 'thor,' though last minute frustrations with the costume sent us in a frenzy to find an edward approved costume in the 'dress up' bin.
the result...  (he's happy.  that's all that matters.  and, in his world of super heroes - they don't wear socks)

super will, super edward, rosetta, and super john

watching this little guy trick or treat was awesome
independent, proud, and thrilled over this concept of house hopping to get free candy

john geer
one cute ref

home again for chili with friends & to survey our loot!

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