Wednesday, January 16, 2013

could mice be so cute

At the beginning of December Langston took to the stage for *three performances of the Nutcracker performed by her ballet company.  After much guff, admittedly from me, the weekend came and went with about 10 minutes or so total of adorable stage time.  
The few weekend and evening practices leading up to this show ticked at my every nerve, but after seeing langston in full costume & watching her scoot, scratch, & prance across stage - this mouse & her performance had my heart.  it was precious, and my previous vow to NEVER commit to this sort of thing again was completely overridden.    

*3 performances = total 8ish minutes (maybe) on stage

i promise our mouse is in the mix

and, they made the commercial appeal!
beautiful friends...

all in all, a weekend well worth it!


  1. Oh my stars!!! I so wish we took the CA again!! I didn't know! So precious--very exciting! An adorable mouse indeed!

  2. so cute lauren! love you all seem to be big buds with sweet mary evelyn and family! love that girl!