Friday, January 25, 2013

6 months

ahhh, blogging...
i like to make my blog as convoluted as possible.

jumping ahead to lyda's six month mark (we'll return to christmas & other past events later)

where we are at month six
lyda, let's see...
most difficult child?  yes.
but, we love you.  you want what you want, and you shall receive.  at this stage you seem to have an intolerance of anything/any feeling that's just a little bit off.
i get it lyda.  you're a little like me (so jeffrey says...).
you're a precious bundle.  you smile a lot, you love attention from us all, you really enjoy edward (or, "our lovable imp's") antics, & you love to be included.  it makes sense.  who really wants to be laying in a swing when a frenzy of fun is just next door.   

'working on' sitting up

a prop helps

lyda really enjoys our little guy
she immediately starts laughing when edward begins his entertaining

the lip
we see it often

the exersaucer
 - langston a fan,
 - edward not so much,
 - and lyda (so far) likes it - usually - for a set time

oh, those tears
it doesn't help that i find them really cute.
of course they do often unnerve me too

not quite but it's fun to try

hey there cutie!


  1. ahhh but she's so stinking cute lauren!!! savor my friend.....i know i'm trying as best i can amongst the chaos and craziness of our day : )

    1. erica, how are you doing? i want to know how it is with 4. i'd love another, but pregnancy i don't think i'm ever up for again - and, i'm pretty sure we can't afford 4:) i can live vicariously through friends who do have a family of 6 or more. how is it? are you hanging in there? i want pictures!!!