Monday, March 18, 2013

7 months

my favorite cousin, and now langston's favorite person, came from houston for a visit.  just from observation i realized i have loads to learn about photography.  
kerryl took beautiful shots.  here are a couple of lyda...


  1. beautiful pictures lauren!!! i know don't we wish we could take so much time to learn all these photography techniques, etc. but i know i'd rather spend my time with these sweet little people that are growing before my eyes! she's a doll!!

  2. As always, holy moley! Beautiful little people around your house!! Love how Miss Lyda is sitting up so well! You need to bring her by for a playdate with Way so she can teach him how to sit up---we are still working on it! I can't wait until he learns so he can actually sit up and play with toys---think he's bored just sitting in his bouncy seat!!