Monday, February 25, 2013

more of the same...

when the blog originated life seemed more thrilling.  we had a lot of interesting stuff to post. 
now, i post pictures & more pictures.  pictures of my kids at home.  not by a pond, not strolling downtown, not apple picking, on an exciting day trip?  no.   
but at home.  
this is where we are now.
school for langston & some days edward, lyda with me, pick up, home, an occasional playdate or afternoon activity.  
(many moments - me trying to figure out a camera whose instructions were intended for one much more intelligent) 
the blog - as entertaining?  no.
some of our afternoons trying?  yes.  
But, these precious kiddos are growing way too quickly.  what's the harm in capturing moments, even if the images are of simple times at home together?
an angel from heaven, our lovable imp, and precious lyda.  these are the moments i'll grasp for five years from now


  1. beautiful pics as usual - what kind of camera do you have? i need a new one...and then some time in a locked room trying to figure it out.

    1. nikon d7000. jeff insists it's the lens though. we have a 50mm & something with a zoom. jeff is a little nutso about his camera equipment.
      i'm texting you! we're hanging out this week!!!

  2. Thank you for posting your camera info. Are you also using an editing program? Your pictures are always perfect!!!

  3. Thank Jill! I "use" photoshop and some actions I bought from florabella.
    I do not understand photoshop at all. The actions do it all!

    1. I really appreciate the information...thank you! I am always so impressed with your pictures, especially with how soft everyone's eyes look.